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How to Create the Perfect Wine Night

Grab your girls and your favorite bottle of wine, it’s wine night! My friends and I are always on the search for different things to do and I have to say one of my favorites, is a perfect wine night. You literally cannot go wrong with this easy way of bonding while sipping on a sweet red…or white. Plus, there’s no need to travel to Italy or a pricey winery for the full experience. You can do it right in the comfort of your home as a great alternative. There are multiple things you can add to the evening for a touch of elegance. Check out my ingredients for an unforgettable night of vino.

First things first. Are you going red or white? My personal favorite is a bold red, like cabernet, but choose whatever you wish. Get a variety so everyone can choose what they would like. From my own experiences, I recommend that once you start drinking one kind (more specifically, color) you should stick to it. If you have a Costco membership, they have some amazingly priced bottles (think $10 and under) and they’re actually delicious. If you don’t have the membership, don’t fret! Places like Trader Joe’s and Aldi have inexpensive wines too.

Once you’ve gotten your wine of choice, it’s time for the next best part. Yes, it’s cheese. Now depending on what kind of wine you purchased, you’ll want to get cheeses that will pair well with it. Rule of thumb? Mild cheeses go well with light bodied wines and strong cheeses go well with full bodied wines. Some yummy pairings are:

  • Cabernet and aged cheddar

  • Pinot noir and gruyère

  • Riesling and brie

  • Moscato and gorgonzola

  • Rose and havarti

You can spice up your cheese board a bit by adding some meats to it. A few meats that will forever be my favorite and (in my opinion) are amazing with any wine, are prosciutto and salami. However, keep in mind that with meats, fat and salt are two factors that will affect the tasting. Fatty meats will pair best with acidic wines, like champagne. and salty meats pair well with light to medium bodied wines. Once again, Trader Joe’s has a ton of both meats and cheeses to choose from that won’t break your wallet.

If you choose to build up your board even more, you can add other munchies like nuts, fruits, and crackers. I personally love a board with different snacks so I can try them all with my wine. Some popular nuts that go great with wine are walnuts and cashews. As far as fruits, berries, like blackberries and strawberries, are delicious with fruity wine. To add some crunchy textures, lightly-flavored breads and crackers are a perfect addition. You can be as simple or as extravagant as you want as you make your board. Plus, you can never go wrong with a variety of options so everyone finds something they like.

Last ingredient is a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. If you’re looking to save money or maybe you got that expensive bottle, a movie is an easy and traditional option. If you want a bit more entertainment, break out the board games or deck of cards. People don’t really think of making their wine night a fun game night, but with my friend group, it’s a staple. Are you truly missing those sip and paint nights? Get some paint and canvases and make your very own! Choose a template that everyone will love and have fun while having your wine and cheese close by.

Wine is definitely my go-to when I’m craving something to drink, so it’s always exciting to make a whole night out of it. Plus, with my girls, it’s an enjoyable way to catch up on everyone’s lives and still do something different at the same time. Tell me what makes your perfect wine night below! Cheers!

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