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Hug Your Loved Ones a Little Tighter

I feel like a lot has happened in the matter of a few days. Not necessarily to me, but the people surrounding me. This past week, I’ve heard of a tragic and sudden death, hospitalization, a much needed reunion, and a COVID diagnosis. Most of these stories actually happened in a day, and it really got me thinking. I know everyone says it…but life is so damn short.

Sure, you can do a lot in a lifetime. But think about how old you are now and how much time has flown by. Days and weeks seem like they last an eternity, but the last ten years? Gone. And I know for a fact that these next ten years will fly by as well and I’ll look back once again and think, “wow, how time passes us by.”

In realizing this, there are some changes I’ve wanted to make to my life so that no part of it is wasted. I made a decision quite a while ago, years ago, really. I decided I never wanted to hold a grudge on someone…and definitely never wanted to hate someone. No matter what they’ve done to me, I didn’t want to hold such a heavy feeling in my heart. This isn’t to say I forgive and forget, but I do truly try to let it go.…for myself. You feel much lighter of a person after doing so. You should always be striving to carry light and positivity, despite how the world may treat you.

Anyways, in addition to this promise to myself, I want to make another. The events of the past couple days really made me realize that your loved ones are oh so extremely special. Your family, your close friends, and your significant others. Have you ever realized that this bunch of people just absolutely love you endlessly? Simply pay attention to how they treat you and talk to you and you’ll see that they care for you immensely.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see it. When we were younger, we surely didn’t realize how much our parents loved us. That goes the same for as we get older too. I’m pretty close with my older sister, but I know tons of people who aren’t close with their siblings. And for what? A lot of times, nothing really. Siblings are like bonus friends LITERALLY built into your life. Take advantage of that. As we grow up and get married, have kids, or dogs, or whatever you choose, you might also forget some of the friends that have been there for you no matter what. I myself am guilty of dropping friends at one point in my life due to a relationship. It’s never worth it.

Life passes you by. And just like that, you’re wishing you were a little nicer to your mom or that you hugged that one person a little tighter the last time you saw them. I just want to say that you should take a moment to truly appreciate the people in your life. There are so many little things you can do to show them you love them as much as they love you. A text, call, written letter, nice gesture, spontaneous visit. The list is endless. I promise, it’ll fill their heart as much as it’ll fill yours. Then, as you grow older and look back, you won’t have any regrets on how you lived your life alongside your loved ones.

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