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My Journey Through Florida Coffee Shops

Calling all coffee fanatics! To this day I still can’t believe how much I didn’t like coffee when I was younger. I absolutely LOVED the smell but couldn’t stand the taste. Years later, I fell in love with every type of coffee possible. Lattes, espressos, iced coffees…give me ALL of it. Since then, I have been on a mission to try some different Florida coffee shops. Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are awesome, of course, but it’s nice to experience different places. The environment just makes me so happy and each one really does give off a different vibe.

Not only is coffee just awakening and truly delicious, but it does have some amazing benefits. First is obviously it’s potential to wake you up. I vowed to myself I would not get addicted to having coffee every morning but I really do realize the difference when I do have it. I can’t help myself to brew that fresh cup especially when I am having something sweet or really just any time…honestly. It also prevents against Type 2 diabetes and other disease like Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Just make sure not to douse your cup of Joe with a ton of sugar or creamer.

Back to the mission though…find all the amazing coffee shops possible. Unfortunately, since the pandemic, I haven’t really been able to try new ones. However, I do still want to share the cutest and most unique Florida coffee shops I’ve been to. Check out their websites to see if they will do to-go so you can enjoy it on the run.

Carmela is probably the most well-known one on my list. They have quite a few locations: Pompano, Parkland, Boca Raton, and most recently, Delray (which I am over the moon about). I have only been once to the location in Parkland and it was gorgeous! The decor, the coffee, I’m here for it. They seem to be known for their avocado toast because they have an extensive menu with all kind of toppings. YUM! Per a recommendation, I tried the Chagacchino (which has mushrooms in it). Note…I do NOT like mushrooms in any shape or form, but this coffee was amazing. It also has an impressive amount of benefits for your body so I was even more intrigued. I am definitely looking forward to a second visit so I can try another avocado toast.

One day, I was looking for a coffee shop in West Palm Beach and decided to try out Loic Bakery Cafe Bar. It was sort of on a whim and wow, I definitely did NOT regret it. I got a caramel latte (because fun fact: that’s my go-to) and it was delicious. I also ordered a ham and cheese croissant which was seasoned (like…what?!) and it was unforgettable. They have both indoor and outdoor seating so if you want to go check it out, sit outside for maximum safety. Hint, hint, though, the inside has a grass wall that is the perfect little picture opportunity. And who doesn’t absolutely adore that?

Another random spot I decided to try was Common Grounds Brew and Roastery.This one probably has the best decor out of the four I am mentioning. It has a really cute, almost library, kind of feel. I had gotten there kind of late so I didn’t want to stay too long. I got a caffe mocha since I was craving some chocolate that day. Like lots of coffees I order, it was awesome. A perfect blend of hot chocolate and coffee. I definitely want to go back here and spend a little longer to really appreciate the decor. It was different and I absolutely loved it.

Now this last one is going to be sort of…interesting. While I was working in Delray for a while, a co-worker of mine took me to the Capital One Cafe. I’ve seen this around but I didn’t know that just any random person could walk in and order a coffee. I thought you HAD to have an account open there. Cool thing is, you don’t! And good thing, because their coffee is SO tasty. I usually always got a caramel latte and it was always on point. An extra plus was their commitment to the season. During the summer, they did a flower wall which was the cutest photo opportunity. For Valentine’s Day, they did the simplest (but most adorable) make-your-own succulent. They gave you all the supplies which I fell in love with. Props to them!

To me, coffee shop exploring never gets old. They always have different atmospheres, coffee quality, and foods which always drives to check out new places. It definitely hasn’t gotten old yet and it really is an easy hangout or date spot. It’s not nearly as expensive as going out to a restaurant. I hope you were able to put a new place on your list to check out! Comment below your favorite Florida coffee shops so I can go to your most loved spots too!

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