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Strive to Stay Young at Heart

I’ve had so much happiness and energy in my heart lately. I’m not too sure exactly what’s causing it… so much has happened in the last couple months. From getting a new job to moving out to getting my first brand deal, it’s been quite eventful. Throughout this time I also came to a realization, and it was a big one – why it’s important to stay young at heart. I want to share it with you all.

I was hanging out one day with a friend and we were exchanging stories from a few years ago. Mostly crazy things that are slightly embarrassing to talk about six years later and she really said, “you’re the craziest bitch I know.” It kind of sparked something in me. I wasn’t upset she said that, I was more surprised. If you ask anyone now, I go to bed at 10pm to get up for the gym at 6am and it’s been my routine for a couple years now. I rarely go to bed past midnight and even before the pandemic, my normal outings would be to a bar or restaurant.

So, I started to think about how I used to be. I used to stay out past 2am and 3am and sneak into random places in the middle of the night…just hanging out and having fun. I missed it. Then, my roommate told me something similar…”we have to be fun and spontaneous, we’re young!” She was right. If I really thought about it, my normal routine wouldn’t be memorable later on in my life. That’s what flipped the switch for me.

I always preach the same thing – I don’t want to be old in my death bed and regret how I lived my life. Yeah, I know it sounds cliche, that whole “you only live once” thing, but it’s true. I kind of only focused on that when it came to relationships with people…don’t hold grudges and be the best person you can to others. I wasted a lot of energy on people who hurt me but it just wasn’t worth it. So, I changed my mindset.

But when it came to really living my life spontaneously? Eh, it could use some work. So after those few conversations with my friends, I vowed to take every opportunity to be crazy and adventurous (on the weekends of course, when I’m not gym-ing or working full time). Being healthy and keeping up with responsibilities was absolutely important, but it definitely shouldn’t take over my life. So recently, I took one weekend to be that spontaneous person I used to be and now? I want it all the time. It feels like old times. These are the moments I want to look back on.

I wanted to let you all know, it’s worth it. Have you ever realized some of the BEST times you had were unplanned and sometimes kind of reckless? I swear, these are the best stories to tell. You look back on them and you’re like damn, that was SO fun. I’ve scaled clock towers, snuck into a water park at 2am, and dove fully clothed into the ocean in the middle of the night. Like what was I thinking? Nothing really. I actually really wasn’t thinking…and that’s the best part. Why hold yourself back from something that will bring you happiness and laughs (even if it’s a year from then)?

All I’m saying is you don’t have to give up your “adulting.” Crazy but, even my mom still loves to party and have fun at her age. She never gave up her youth. You can still maintain your responsibilities while having fun. I know not everyone is looking for that spontaneity in their life. We’re all different and enjoy different things. That’s totally okay, but just don’t hold yourself back from the life you deserve to live. Want to go to the bar for a late night happy hour? Do it. Want to sneak onto the beach at 3am? Do it. You only have so much time before you can’t do these things anymore. So live it up and don’t look back (unless you’re praising it, of course)!

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