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Supporting Your Loved Ones, Including Yourself, During The Holidays

Let’s get a little deep here. Everyone is so used to wishing each other Happy Holidays, right? Well have we ever really thought about if “happy” is actually the right word to describe the holidays? I’m not saying hey, let’s cancel the phrase, but I think it’s important that we acknowledge that the holidays can actually be really hard for some people. I have friends and family who are missing their mom, dad, or past relationships. You want to be able to share the holidays with the people you love, so keep in mind that not everyone is surrounded by their loved ones. There are quite a few things you can do to check up on those you care about to make sure they’re okay along with things you can do yourself if you’re missing someone this holiday season.

If you’re missing someone…

Self care

It’s important to take care of yourself during these times. It can be really hard to focus when you’re missing someone so try re-focusing on the things you like. Take this time to do your favorite hobbies, pamper yourself, and be around people who care about you. It isn’t meant to be a distraction, but more of something that will fill your heart a bit. I know it’ll feel a little empty when you don’t have that one person that you wished was there.

A couple ideas you can use for self care is taking a bath while watching your favorite movie or reading a book, putting on candles and closing your eyes, or taking a walk in nature. These therapeutic activities are bound to boost your serotonin a bit. Additionally, reaching out to people who love and support you will instantly fulfill you. It can feel really lonely otherwise. Don’t be afraid to call or text your go-to’s so you can get the smiles and laughs you SO deserve.


It’s okay to not be okay. I wish more people knew that. It is MORE than human to feel all the emotions, both positive and negative. It would be strange if you didn’t, especially around these times. So, embrace it. Everyone deserves to mourn the ones they’re missing. Your feelings are valid so cry if you need to. Remember what it feels like to be around them and feel their loving touch or hear their comforting voice. It’s normal! Remember the memories you’ve had with them, you shouldn’t feel the need to push them back and cover them. Memories are the most treasured possessions we have of someone. They last forever. Try and do something that reminds you of the one you’re missing. It’s a great way to remember them and honor their memory.

If you have a loved one who is missing someone…

Talk to them

I cannot emphasize how important it is to check up on your loved ones during the holidays. You may have all the people you want surrounding you, but not everyone has that luxury. It truly breaks my heart when I think of the friends and family of mine who have lost someone. And I mean lost someone in any situation. Whether its a parent, relationship, sibling, or anyone. Whether it’s a death, break up, or cross-country move. It’s really hard, no matter what. Take some time out of your holidays to call your loved one. Ask them how they are doing and if you can do anything to help. Trust me when I say they will appreciate the heck out of this. They may be feeling so lonely and your call or simple text might make their day.

Bring them something

If you want to go a step further than a text or call, DO something for them. They are bound to be missing a loved one so if you knew them well enough, try to do something that commemorates them. Your friend or family might not think of this and it’ll come as a huge surprise to them. It can be something simple like bringing a favorite sweet, drink or food they liked. If they had a favorite movie or show, go over with some wine and cheese and watch it! It’s an amazing gesture that they WILL remember forever.

Many people are going through SOMETHING on the holidays. And truth is, we may not understand exactly what they are feeling. The best we can do is support and love them through it all. And that goes for yourself too! You deserve all the happiness during these times. So, take care and I hope everyone has a sweet holiday full of love and prosperity.

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