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The Best Activities During Fall in Florida

My favorite season is HERE! It is finally fall and I am 100% THAT person that loves any and everything having to do with fall. The pumpkin, apples, leaves changing, weather cooling. I am here for it! Unfortunately, I do experience fall in Florida where the leaves don’t change and the weather only cools to about 75 degrees, but it’s okay! I still do all the things to pretend that autumn is in full swing. If you’re living in Florida or visiting during this time, here are some things you can do that are sure to get you in the mood regardless of the weather.

It is essential that you turn your room or home into the ultimate fall scene. Since we can’t have the pretty orange or red leaves, decorate your space to reflect that. I’m guilty of decorating my room in these colors permanently, but that’s just because I love fall…if you can’t tell already. Add some pumpkin decor or pinecones to your centerpieces. You can also switch out your pillow cases and throws for some warmer colors that complement each other. My roommate and I got majority of our fall decor from TJ Maxx, you just can’t go wrong there.

Now that you’ve satisfied your eyes, it’s time to fill your stomach. I can’t believe how much I used to not like pumpkin in the past. Now I can’t go through the season without making some kind of pumpkin recipe while sippin’ on a pumpkin spice latte. For the past few years, I have made sure to make my pumpkin cookies and they are so insanely good. I wish I could say that I made it up on my own, but I owe it all to this recipe. It makes the perfect cookies every time.

If you’re not much of a pumpkin person, apple is the next best thing right now. Make it extra easy on yourself by getting the Apple Blossoms at Trader Joe’s. Top it with some ice cream, caramel and raspberry sauce and BAM, heaven in your mouth. Some other ideas you can whip up (and I have yet to make) are pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread and apple pie. If you aren’t the type of person who likes to bake and you still want that delicious pumpkin smell, I am giving a shout out to these AMAZING pumpkin candles by Glade. It is the best scent they have and it only comes out around this time of year.

Another much loved thing is going to the pumpkin patches! There are tons of pumpkin patches around, so I feel like they are pretty easy to find. I almost always go to Bedner’s but since I moved, I wonder what is close by. Anyways, dress up before going and bring your handy camera (or just your phone). Invite some friends or family and do a mini photoshoot at the patch! I have always loved how these turned out.

While you’re at the pumpkin patch, you can either purchase a pumpkin there (though they seem to always be a bit pricey) or go to your local Target or Trader Joe’s and get one. It is time to carve pumpkins! You can more than likely get a cheap carving kit somewhere, sometimes they even have them at the dollar store so you can make it as affordable as you want. Print out your carving template online and you’re all set to go. My roommate used to plan these amazing pumpkin carving get-togethers so tell everyone to bring a pumpkin and a kit for a fun group activity. Then, put a candle inside everyone’s pumpkin and use it for outdoor decor!

One of my personal favorite things to do during fall in Florida is go to the Farmer’s Market. There are so many options and they are all equally as good. I have been to about five locations by now, and I love them each so much! There is something about the Farmer’s Market at this time of year that makes me love the season even more. If you ever go to the Palm Beach Gardens Farmer’s Market, you HAVE to get the apple cider donuts. They are the most delicious donuts ever. Remember to check with your local market on their hours since not all of them are open due to the pandemic. Since this is usually a public event, don’t forget to social distance and wear a mask!

Usually throughout the fall, we in South Florida don’t really go below 70 degrees. But in the event we do, we break out the bonfires. Granted, I guess you can do this whenever but it is extra special when you can wear a sweater and wrap a blanket around you. You can also set up a s’mores or hot chocolate bar for extra fall vibes. If you’re lucky enough to experience a cold front, make sure to take advantage of it.

There you have it! Some might say that these are pretty basic things to do, but sometimes we don’t realize what we have around us. I may not be able to enjoy the changing leaves, but I can do what I can to enjoy what I have here during fall in Florida. Plus, it makes it all the more special that I am surrounded by the ones I love. Happy Fall!

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