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Valentine’s Day Ideas For Any Budget

I grew up LOVING Valentine’s Day. My mom was the first person to teach me that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your significant other. Every single year, she would put together a basket of chocolates, a gift card, and maybe a teddy bear. I always appreciated and loved it. Later on in life, my best friend and I would trade gifts for Valentine’s day too. I swear we started Galentine’s Day before it was even a thing. Now, at this point in my life, I still feel like Valentine’s Day is for ALL your loved ones.

Whether you’re head over heels in love or happily single, I think we can all celebrate Valentine’s Day with whoever we choose. I’ve always felt like experiences are better than gifts so here’s some free, cheap, and if you’re feeling to splurge, expensive-ish, Valentine’s Day ideas to make it one to remember.

For all my single people, you’ve got tons of options for what you can do with this day.

Free option: Nothing is more valuable than self-love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to dedicate some me-time to yourself. There are way too many people pouting over being single, when in all reality, you get to think about loving JUST YOU today. Get out your face masks, put on a movie on Netflix (or whatever your preferred streaming service is), and kick back and relax!

Cheap option: Invite some friends over to your place. You supply the wine, and ask everyone else to bring a snack. Even if everyone brought one type of cheese or meat, you can create a charcuterie board in an inexpensive way (because they do get pricey). You can also incorporate a creative activity into this (my favorite is a paint and sip night). Happy Galentine’s Day!

Expensive-ish option: Treat yourself! Take yourself to the mall and buy that one thing you’ve had your eyes on forever. (If it were me, I would be buying myself a 6th pair of gym sneakers). It can be a gold necklace, fancy dress, or trip to the nail salon. Today is the one day you can feel absolutely free to get and do whatever you want (although, I tend to have this mindset year round). You’ll be happy you did.

For all the happy couples, do something different other than go out to the same restaurant for the 7th time. There are so many ways you can celebrate your love.

Free option: I always find it hilarious yet literally the best thing ever when couples cook together. So, take a peak in your kitchen to see what ingredients you already have. Come up with an easy dish you can cook together and make your very own candlelit dinner. You’ll really be able to discover how well you are together in the kitchen when something is burning and something else is not fully cooked. Regardless, it’s always fun when you’re with someone you love.

Cheap option: Pack up a picnic basket of both of your favorite fast foods (I like subs and snacks) and head to the beach! If you don’t have a beach nearby, find a park where you can lay out a blanket and enjoy the outdoors together. You’ll be ditching the restaurant crowds and have views of nature instead.

Expensive-ish option: Take a day trip! Pick a spot in your state that you can drive to and back in one day and find adventure! Find a fun activity that you can’t find in your area. Whether it’s a state park, new restaurant, or water sport, just the fact that you’re with each other is what matters.

Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is not the only day to show someone your love and appreciation for them. This really is something that should be shown all year round. I know life gets busy and you can’t be planning things every single day or weekend. But, making a conscious effort to do things once in a while makes all the difference. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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