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What to Leave in 2020 and Bring into the New Year

Happy New Year! I think a lot of us are breathing a heavy sigh of relief that 2020 is over with, it was quite the year. It was one of those years we were SO looking forward to. We all thought it would bring so many new and exciting things, no doubt. It took a bit of a turn, and I am sure we have all been through it in some way, but now it’s time to look forward.

While the end of the year doesn’t necessarily mean an end to the pandemic, we can definitely start by improving ourselves. After all, it’s the best thing we can do and quite frankly, the only thing we have control over. We can’t dwell over anything else. So, here’s a few things to leave behind in 2020 and what we can bring into 2021.

Leave behind:


Despite everything going on, we need to leave behind the negativity. I know we could pick out every negative thing that is happened this year and probably make a whole book out of it, but no more. Bad things happen all the time, to everyone in the world. However, there is no need to capitalize on it. It only brings more downs into your life. This includes people too. If you feel like their are certain people in your life that don’t make you happy and don’t get you to where you want to be, leave them behind. I promise you will be doing yourself a favor.

Bring in:


I know it can be hard to stay positive in the midst of everything happening, but making a conscious effort to do so will make all the difference in your life. Start speaking things into existence and making it happen. Having a positive mindset when you go into things will make you overall happier. Even surrounding yourself with more uplifting people will encourage you to do more with your life and go farther than you thought was possible.

Leave behind:

Time lost

I know it feels like a whole year went by and you’ve done nothing. It’s easy to think that way and even easier to get down on yourself about it. I know that for me, I completely slacked at working out. I was hardcore for about a year but once the pandemic hit, I tried working out at home. It was basically an epic fail and I didn’t even try to supplement it with a healthier diet. I lost a lot of my muscle and now feel that I’m at square one again. I could just give up completely, but I want to go into the new year with a new mindset. Despite the loss, I still learned a lot about myself which I can use to propel myself forward.

Bring in:

Forward thinking

It’s a new freaking year! Take advantage and look forward. I know we all had a lot of plans that we had to postpone, so maybe take it little by little this year. Plan at a smaller scale so you don’t have any huge disappointments. We’ve all tried to navigate in this new normal, so try starting to think of new and exciting things you can continue doing in this time. Life is about making the best out of every situation, including the worst. So, keep going and keep moving forward.

Leave behind:

Second guessing

Why do we second guess our abilities and skills? I heard this term the other day…imposter syndrome. Basically it is an inner feeling someone gets when they feel they are not qualified for a certain job, even if they ARE qualified. I’ve felt this many times with my writing, despite people telling me that I had a talent for it. Well, no more. No more second guessing what we can do and what we are capable of. It doesn’t bring us where we want to be. It only holds us back from what great lengths we can achieve.

Bring in:

Self growth

Start realizing your potential this year. It’s time to capitalize on what you can do. I’ve realized that so many great things come out when you are confident in what you do. Even if someone has critiques, that’s okay. It’s a part of the process and your growth. And who doesn’t want to grow as a person? It’s a necessary part of life. So, think about the skills you have and what you can improve on. Work at it and be the absolute best you can be at it. There is no better time than NOW to work on these things. Don’t let another minute pass by.

There are so many other things you can bring into the new year, depending on what you slacked on a little in 2020. However, picking a few things to focus on will make much more of a difference than piling up a whole bunch of changes you want to make. So, let’s make 2021 one to remember, for all the good! Happy New Year!

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