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Relationships: It’s All The Little Things

If you’re in a relationship, you know that it really is all the little things that matter. Now, I am not in the slightest discounting the big things. However, the big things should really be the foundation of your relationship. Trust, communication, and loyalty are all parts of a relationship that shouldn’t be lacking. Assuming that you have all of this right now, it’s time to start paying a little more attention to the small things.

The little things are what can really take a relationship from short term to long term. One of the biggest things, in my opinion, is remembering facts about your significant other. When is their birthday? How do they take their coffee in the morning? What’s their favorite restaurant? Whether you realize it or not, these things ARE important. It aids you in making decisions when it comes to them. Trying to figure out anniversary plans? You should remember that they absolutely despise BBQ. Knowing what your partner likes and doesn’t like is key.

If you live with your partner, there are TONS of little things you can do to make them instantly happy. Living with your significant other can be quite stressful at times. Whether you are bickering about putting away the dishes or nagging them about picking their clothes off the floor, it can get frustrating. Give them a break if you know they are always doing a certain chore. Getting home to a freshly cooked dinner or already folded laundry is bound to go a long way.

We all love surprises right? Whether you are a woman or a man, we all appreciate it once in a while. Does your boyfriend adore Chick-Fil-A? Get him some nuggets and a milkshake! Does your girlfriend melt over flowers? Show up at her door with some! Surprises don’t need to be expensive, in fact some of the best ones are inexpensive. All that matters is that you are showing your partner that you are thinking about them.

One of the most simple things you can do that will make their heart soar is spend time with them. Uninterrupted, quality time. Life gets so insanely busy and it can be hard to schedule dates in advance. I am super guilty of being busy and not scheduling time together. So, when you get some free time, even if it’s ten minutes, spend that time with them. Talk and catch up. Be close. Remind them of what they mean to you. Everyone needs that extra love once in a while.

You know who your partner is. You know what makes them happy, sad, and angry. Use this to your advantage. Everyone is different and each one of us prefer to be loved differently. If you haven’t yet, I would take the 5 Love Languages quiz to figure out what both you and your significant other’s love language is. It might help when you start thinking of the little things you can do for them. Remember that not only is it important for you to give love, but to receive it too. It won’t always be 50/50 but there should be a healthy balance over the course of your relationship. So, get out there and give your partner all the love they deserve!

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