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Why Friend Dates Are Just As Important As Romantic Dates

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was little I’ve always heard about dating. By dating, I mean the romantic dates. The ones you saw your parents go on or the ones you daydreamed of in grade school. When you had a crush on that one person who made your heart flutter, you dreamed of them taking you out. Even all those romance movies…they always had those absolutely perfect, butterfly-inducing dates. Asking the girl to prom, first kisses, and late nights out. I’m sure we all dreamt of it at some point. Who though, ever talked about friend dates?

You never seen “friend dates” in movies or shows. It’s unspoken of. Isn’t a date supposed to be romantic? Doesn’t it include flowers or chocolates and a cheesy scene at the movies or park? THAT’S what we were taught. It always followed some sort of sweet and sappy guidelines but did anyone ever talk to you about how important it is to have friend dates? These are the times you take with friend(s) and go out somewhere. Does it matter where? Absolutely not. All that matters is you’re together…enjoying each other’s company fully and whole-heartedly.

Why is this SO incredibly important you ask? Well, just as those sweet romantic dates are SO important, so are the friend dates. Truly. Ask yourself…why do you go on dates? It could be a variety of things. You want to get to know the person, you want to maintain a relationship, you want alone time, etc. I could go on and on. Well, is it not the same with friends? Your friendships should last a long time, just as relationships do, so they should be treated similarly.

In order to maintain long lasting friendships, you should want to keep working at them. People get so caught up in life. Whether it’s your career, school, starting a new family…anything! Things will always come up and before you know it, you’re left without friends. Or maybe you have a couple people who are there just because. It’s not right. Your friends have most likely been there through all your ups and downs and supported you when you felt your lowest. At least the good ones, for sure. So, why wouldn’t you return the favor? Keep those friendships. They always grow into something beautiful as time passes.

I’ve been on multiple girl trips and let me tell you, they are unforgettable. There is something about going elsewhere with your friends and having pure fun. No worries of anything outside of that very moment. I almost crave these adventures because these are the times that I feel most at ease. My friends just fill my heart that much…no matter what we do. I’ve been on road trips or flown cross-country. With both circumstances, the fun was endless. I loved it.

I strongly recommend doing something like this. You don’t need to do some long trip…it’s not necessary. If you can, then by all means, the more time the merrier. But some of us can only afford small dates and trips which is more than okay. Your friends will appreciate and love the time regardless. It’s your presence that makes the difference.

A couple recommendations for friend dates (including longer ones):

  • A road trip: I know this is a long shot, especially as we get older and life gets busier. Something about being in the car and listening to music while talking and driving just bonds you all together somehow. Maybe it’s the small space.

  • A trip to the beach: Simple and sweet. I could take ten thousand friend dates to the beach and never get tired of it. Bonus? You don’t even have to worry about how you look in a bikini. Your besties won’t judge you.

  • Trip to a bar, winery, or brewery: I specifically recommend a winery here. Maybe I’m just biased or basic, but wine tastings and cheese with the girls? Count me in.

  • A simple picnic: Who said you ever have to be complicated? The best thing about dates with your friends is how low the expectations are…in a good way. No one is expecting some 5-star service or fancy set-ups. Unless you want to, then go all in!

  • Home dates: Speaking of simplicity, your friend dates can be as easy as visiting each other’s homes. You can do a slew of things from your own place to just give yourselves time to catch up. This is a great option for those who are on a bit of a budget but still want to make time for their friends.

There are just about hundreds of other options you can choose from for friend dates. You can almost never go wrong because I can guarantee that any true friend will deeply appreciate any time at all that you schedule for them. Those who want to be in your life will do whatever you choose. This is the great thing about friend dates. Trust me, over time, these occasional dates will lead you to long lasting friendships.

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